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Carol Hill was a homeless woman who came across Sean Tully sleeping rough in August 2018.

Carol spotted Sean's tent and asked if he was okay as she had not previously spotted him in the park where she was residing. Sean dismissed Carol's comments about him sleeping rough by telling her he was doing it for charity but was willing to give his tent to her as he believed he was going to be moving into a bedsit.

After his arrangements fell through, Sean returned to the park in an attempt to retrieve his tent and asked Carol if he could have it back. She offered him a list of hostels and soup kitchens to Sean but was interrupted by him waving cash in her face and reiterating that he was not homeless.

Sean's decision to show his money to Carol in the park backfired when he was mugged in the public toilets. Carol found Sean and accompanied him to Weatherfield General where they bonded about how they had ended up homeless. When they returned to the park, Carol invited Sean into a homeless community ran by a man called Frank.

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