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Carol Benton was a worker at the Mark Brittain Warehouse who, along with her friend Linda Palmer, had two flirtatious exchanges with the younger menfolk of Coronation Street in the Corner Shop.

After watching Linda demolish Ray Langton in flames, Carol asked Irma Barlow if he was typical of the talent in the area. Irma told them he was nothing compared to "Al" Tatlock, the answer to a maiden’s prayer - many women would do anything for a night of bliss with him but he had his heart set on Mrs Sharples, a real raver who was once sent home from of one of George Best’s parties.

A few days later they teased Billy Walker about his looks and his "hooded" eyes in the Corner Shop, again watched by a grinning Irma.

Both girls also attended the packed meeting of residents at the Community Centre to elect its first committee.

Six months later, Carol was sharp with Maggie Clegg when she refused Linda's request to do some made-up rolls.

Carol was played by Veronica Doran in an early television role, eleven years before she appeared in the regular part of Marion Yeats.

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