Carol Baldwin (née Saunders) was the first wife of Danny Baldwin and the mother of Jamie Baldwin.

While she was still married to Danny, he was sleeping with her son's babysitter Frankie. Carol was oblivious to this, as she completely trusted Frankie; she only found out when Danny left her to marry Frankie taking Jamie with him.

Jamie didn't see his real mum Carol for many years; he was raised by his father Danny and stepmum Frankie, but in 2005 he tracked down Carol to Birmingham and decided to pay her a visit.

It soon became clear that past events had affected Carol's life very badly; she had never re-married, was living in a run down house, and was an alcoholic with no job or money. Jamie soon became very concerned for his mother and visited her many times in Birmingham; she appeared in Weatherfield for the first time for Jamie's 25th birthday party, much to the horror of her ex-husband Danny and his wife Frankie.

Carol appeared on Coronation Street on and off for months, and when Jamie's dad Danny began having an affair with Leanne Battersby, Carol was the one who exposed it to Jamie. When Frankie and Danny split up, Carol moved in with them to be closer to Jamie and he made her promise to give up alcohol. However, in January 2006, Jamie and Frankie threw Carol out onto the Street when she accused them of sleeping together, and her drinking ways continued.

In 2007, it became apparent that Carol had ditched the drink, and was now engaged. Jamie and his girlfriend Violet Wilson later attended Carol's wedding.

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