Carlisle is a city in Cumbria, England.

In September 1963, Harry Hewitt was forced to work in Carlisle on his wedding anniversary - however, he promised to take Concepta Hewitt out when he got back.

Later in April 1966, Dennis Tanner was offered a job as an entertainments manager at a holiday camp in Carlisle - leaving Jed Stone annoyed as the pair had only just opened the Viaduct Bargain Boutique together. By June, Dennis had returned to the street in order to ask Len Fairclough if he could borrow some money - revealing that the heavy mob from Carlisle are after him for owing £95 due to a dodgy deal with a night club croupier. However, Len believed that Dennis had made the story up in order to extort money from him and refused and, unable to cough up the money, Dennis was forced to take a call from one of the heavies who revealed that they knew where he lived and would be down to see him any day.

In March 2005, Jamie Baldwin received a delivery job in Carlisle.

In June 2019, Carla Connor was taken to a treatment center in Carlisle after suffering from a psychotic episode having believed that she was to blame for the Underworld roof collapse that claimed the life of Rana Habeeb. Her partner Peter Barlow and his son Simon also went with her.

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