Carina Capello was a young woman who applied for a machinist role at Underworld in August 2018.

Carla Connor, the head of the factory, had recently become a reluctant business partner with her ex-husband Peter Barlow. She noticed on an online photo that Carina bore a strong resemblance to the late Tina McIntyre, who Peter had embarked on an affair with four years prior while he and Carla were married. Carla decided to progress Carina to the interview stage, insisting that Peter accompany her to the meeting, as she hoped it would serve as a test of Peter's professionalism. When Carina entered the factory, Michelle Connor and Sean Tully were instantly struck by how much she looked like Tina.

Carina had limited experience as a machinist, but did bring a sample of her work to the interview, which impressed Peter. The atmosphere became awkward when Peter kept staring at Carina, with Carla leaving him to conduct the remainder of the interview shortly afterwards. Later in the day, when Peter and Carla discussed the interviewees, Peter opted to take on a different candidate who he was more impressed with. He then told Carla that the last thing he wanted to be reminded of was Tina, who he considered to be the biggest mistake of his life. Carla was thrown that Peter displayed so much competency in dealing with Carina.

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