The Canary Islands are a small group of Spanish Islands, located off the north-west coast of Africa.

The islands were one of the stopping-off points by Violet Carson in February 1968 when she sailed to Australia on a fully-paid for cruise to present the National TV Awards and she was further paid to write about the trip for TV Times. She was less than complimentary about what she found on the islands.

Within the storylines of the programme, they were one of the destinations of Bet Gilroy when she abruptly left the Street in October 1995 and it was from there that she sent a congratulations card to Raquel Watts after her marriage to Curly two months later. Don Brennan and Josie Clarke enjoyed a holiday on the islands in January 1996 as did Sally Webster and Danny Hargreaves in September 2003 while Tommy Duckworth moved there in October 2013, his relationship with Tina McIntyre having failed due to several reasons but the last straw being her concern for her ex-boyfriend David Platt. In September 2014, Carla Barlow booked a holiday here and got as far as Manchester Airport, but let the plane leave without her after she decided to return and visit estranged husband Peter, who was seriously ill in Weatherfield General.

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