Canal Street is located near Rosamund Street. In 1980, a new car park was opened on the street. In 2003 evil financial advisor, Richard Hillman, tried to kill himself and the Platt family by driving into the canal on Canal Street. However, the platt family escaped, leaving Richard in the canal to die. Later, the police searched the canal and found Richard Hillmans body. Canal Street was revisited by David Platt, in 2007, when he called his mother, Gail Platt, and told her that he was going to commit suicide. This was during his sister, Sarah Platt, and Jason Grimshaw's wedding at St. Mary's Church. However, later in the episode, it was revealed that David Platt was actually still alive, and had just tricked his family into thinking he was dead after driving his car into the canal. This was to ruin his sister's wedding!

Richard's car falling into the canal

Richard Hillman's car falling into the canal on Canal Street.

Canal Street with Police looking for David Platt's body

The Police searching for David Platt's body in 2007.

Canal and Canal Street in 2007

Canal Street and Canal in 2007, with David contemplating suicide.