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Canada is a country in North America with a population of approximately 35 million people.

Coronation Street began airing in Canada in the late 1960s in Ottawa and then on CBC when the first 260 episodes were sold to that company in April 1966. There were some episodes which ran in the 1970s on CTV, most repeats from the 1960s. The 2002 edition of the Guinness Book of Records recognises the 1,144 episodes sold to CBC-owned Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, TV station CBKST by Granada TV on 31st May 1971 to be the largest number of TV shows ever purchased in one transaction. CBC was extremely far behind the UK during the late 1970s and much of the 1980s. As a result, numerous episodes from 1987-1988 were skipped in the early 1990s broadcasts of Coronation Street in Canada in an attempt to catch up the UK. This lead to wide protesting. In 2001, several 1997 and 1998 episodes (including some from the Deirdre Rachid prison storyline) were again skipped for similar reasons.

Repeats of episodes from 1989 to 1995, were shown on WTN in Canada during the late 1990s. Canada ran a number of 1980s episodes in 2006 before the network became Bold.

It now airs on CBC, one week behind the UK.

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In early 1965, Florrie Lindley's estranged husband Norman visited the Street following engineering work in India, to the surprise of the residents as Florrie had previously claimed she was widowed. Norman planned to move to Canada and offered Florrie the chance to move with him. After deliberation, Florrie accepted his offer and they emigrated in June 1965.

After leaving Weatherfield in 1971, Irma Barlow eventually settled down in Canada, from where she sent her mother Hilda a telegram following the death of her father, Stan, in 1984.

Adam Barlow moved to Canada in 2007. In July 2013, his grandfather Ken travelled to support Adam after he suffered a shock collapse at work. Ken returned to Weatherfield in August 2014, and Adam moved back to England permanently in late 2016.

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