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Callum Logan was a criminal drug dealer and ex-partner of Kylie Platt who used their son, Max, as a pawn to wage war against the Platts in 2015.

At first Callum and Kylie shared a brief relationship in 2006 before and after Max's birth, but Kylie lost contact when Callum was imprisoned. When he came back into her life eight years later, he attempted to get custody of Max, using both legal and underhand methods to do so. This involved clashing with Kylie's husband, David Platt, and forging a relationship with the latter's sister Sarah Platt as well as feuding with Sarah's former husband Jason Grimshaw. Eventually, Callum's campaign of terror against the Platts ended when Kylie killed him as he was on the verge of raping Sarah.

Shortly fter his death, Callum's body was buried under 8 Coronation Street's annex by Kylie and David - where it lay for amost a year. The murder was ultimately blamed on Jason's late father, Tony Stewart, after the manhole covering Callum's body collapsed in 2016.

Nearly six months after his death, Sarah gave birth to his son Harry.


Callum Logan grew up on the Paul Robeson Estate in Wythenshawe. At somepoint in 2005, he met Kylie and the pair embarked on a relationship. When Kylie became pregnant with their son Max, she was kicked out by her father Brian - which resulted in her reliance on Callum. He became a little less supportive as the pregnancy progressed, but returned to Kylie when Max was born. Callum later ended up in prison after assaulting a judge, and lost contact with his partner and child.

After Kylie married David Platt, who would become Max's adopted father, she didn't speak about her past. Howeve,r in 2014, she opened up about Callum when Max was suspected of having ADHD and the possibility of it being a hereditary illness. When asked what became of Callum after he was sent to prison, Kylie was uncertain and unsure whether he would have behaved himself inside.

Feeling the stress of family life, Kylie headed back to her old haunt - The Dog & Gun - and met Callum for the first time in eight years. She looked to score speed from him, which he happily supplied and hoped to woo her back to her old life by trying to convince her that family life and being married to David was not exciting enough for her. However, Kylie only wanted Callum to give her drugs and nothing more.

Callum started to integrate himself into Max's life. Then on Christmas Day, he turned up at No.8 while the rest of the Platt family were celebrating David's birthday at Just Nick's - bringing a bike for his son. David returned home unannounced and was shocked to find that not only that he was Kylie's dealer, but Max's biological father. The pair got into a scuffle, and Callum left when the rest of the family returned. Angry with Kylie for lying to him, David kicked her out of the house and she was picked up by Callum.

In the new year, Callum was confronted by David when the latter demanded to know Kylie's whereabouts. However, Callum denied all knowledge of her whereabouts. Believing that he was lying, David approached Kylie's friend Eva Price and the pair broke into Callum's flat to search for Kylie - only to find nothing and thus David realized that Callum was telling the truth. When Callum learned about the break-in, he warned David off and it was by this point that the feud between them has just begun. So much so that David attempted to get back at Callum by reporting his drug dealing, but Callum was one step ahead and cleared his flat of any sign of drugs paraphernalia before the police arrived.

Soon enough Callum began turning up more frequently, bothering David and wanting to see Max. He soon got acquainted with local resident Katy Armstrong and they started dating, despite David warning her that Callum was a drug dealer. Callum later revealed to Max that he was his real dad, which caused the boy to rebel against David and wanted to know more about his real father. David eventually gave in and told Callum that he would be able to see Max.

Later on Callum broke up with Katy after mocking her for her lack of ambition after she revealed to him she wanted to remain in Weatherfield with him rather than leave for a new life in Portugal with her mother Linda Hancock. Callum then set his sights on David's sister Sarah, who had returned after spending seven years in Milan. Although Sarah saw through Callum's act, she fell for his charms and they soon slept together.

David attempted to have Callum locked up. After finding out that local waiter Andy Carver was pretending to be the son of David's stepfather Michael Rodwell earlier on, David blackmailed Andy into planting drugs in Callum's car. Callum caught Andy and held him prisoner in the back room of the pub, but David arrived to tell him it was his idea. David was taken to an abandoned warehouse where Callum gave him a beating with a baseball bat. With his plan a failure, the last straw for David was discovering Callum and Sarah's relationship. He fled with an unwilling Max, but Callum tracked him down to Liverpool when Max called him on his mobile.

Kylie eventually returned to David and was shocked to find that, through above-board legal means, Callum had gained partial custody of his son with the intention of gaining full parental rights. Max later found a gun in his bedroom at Callum's flat, causing Sarah to see Callum's true colours and they split up. When Sarah's former boyfriend Jason Grimshaw stood up to Callum for harassing Sarah and her daughter Bethany, he was attacked by Callum and his heavies in a revenge attack; Jason ended up in Weatherfield General afterwards. Unbeknown to Callum, however, Max had witnessed the attack and grew to fear his father - finally learning the truth about him in the process. After seeing Max refusing to be with his father, David and Kylie grew suspicious over this and Max eventually confined to them about what he saw Callum did to Jason.

Not long afterwards, Jason's father Tony Stewart learned that Callum had beaten up his son and planned revenge. This happened when Callum was heading back to his car, when he was stopped and ambushed by a raging Tony. Dragged into the same place where he had Jason attacked, Callum was beaten up by Tony and was about to recieve more when Tony's ex-girlfriend Liz McDonald walked in on the incident. She urged Tony to stop and not risk going to prison for Jason's sake, to which he reluctantly obliges by throwing Callum away from him; a beaten Callum tells Tony that he's made a "big mistake" as he retreats to his car.

Callum dead

In September 2015, Callum was under pressure to pay off a £20,000 debt to his boss and drug lord Denton. He soon tried to extort the money from the Platts in return for relinquishing his rights to Max. From then onwards, Callum began to harass the family and threatened them with violence unless they got him the money. During this time, Jason sought to get revenge on Callum and confronted him at his flat whilst Denton and his henchman Pete paid a visit over his debt. Jason and Callum began to fight when Tony barged in to retrieve his son, though not before Jason punched Callum and told him that it was far from over.

A few days later, Callum arranged for David and Sarah's grandmother Audrey Roberts to get hassled by heavies at her salon. When he later confronted the family the next day, David and Sarah's mother Gail got furious with Callum and tried to force him out. That was when David and Max witnessed the events, to which Max denounces Callum by calling David his dad in front of him. This made Callum go after Max, who ended up running into a car driven by David and Sarah's half-brother Nick Tilsley. Fortunately Max merely had a sore knee.

Hours later, Nick took Bethany and Sarah to the police to report Callum for GBH after Bethany admits that Callum forced her to lie about the incident. The police arrested Callum and things looked like it was all over, but Callum was released on bail and he planned to continue hassling the Platts until they got his money.

Events reached a climax when Sarah, posing as Kylie, summoned Callum to the house. She attempted to record Callum talking about his misdeeds, but he soon learns about this and goes beserk. Callum stops Sarah from fleeing and pins her down to the ground, before forcing himself on top of her - with the intention of raping her inside No.8. She was saved when Kylie intervened and smacked Callum with a blow from a wrench to the head, killing him as a result.

Shortly after Callum's death, Kylie and Sarah alerted David as they panicked over the situation. The trio planned to dump the body in Weatherfield Canal but fate was against them and they were forced to secrete the corpse in a manhole under their garage which was being converted into a granny annex for Gail Rodwell.

Before his death, Sarah had become pregnant by Callum. Although she considered an abortion, she eventually gave birth to their son, Harry Platt, on 21st March 2016.

The secret of Callum's death, and the location of his body, remained a secret known only to David, Kylie and Sarah for eight months, with the three of them dealing with the matter with varying degrees of composure. On the night of Nick's wedding to Carla Connor in May 2016, the hiding place was discovered when fellow neighbour Tyrone Dobbs crashed his pick-up truck through the front of the annex. The weight of vehicle cracked the flimsy concrete covering the manhole, breaking it open. The stench of the decomposing body left no doubt in David's mind that discovery was imminent and it was indeed only a matter of hours before builders made the discovery and alerted the police. A credit card on the corpse gave its identity away and a murder investigation began.

Following Callum's murder and subsequent cover-up several characters came to learn the truth. In August 2016, Jason's brother Todd Grimshaw believed that Sarah had murdered Callum and lied to the police for her. However, Sarah was able to convince him of her innocence and therefore Todd began to suspect David. The police soon learned of Tony's grievance with Callum, along with the fact that he was the builder who had converted the annex, and identified him as the killer. Wanting to prove Tony innocent, due to the fact that his brother Jason had started drinking heavily as a result of Tony's supposed guilt, Todd planned to report David to the police; however, he eventually decided against it when he learned that that Kylie had been the killer.

In June 2018, Sarah confessed to covering up Callum's murder as she tried to convince her boyfriend Gary Windass not to take ultimate revenge on his nemesis Pat Phelan. Later in January 2019, Sarah also let slip the secret to NICK and he used the information to blackmail David into keeping quiet about Nick having stolen Audrey's money she inherited from her late ex-lover Lewis Archer.


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Background information

The character was introduced on a temporary basis in order to tie with the exit of Kylie Platt as Paula Lane was going on maternity leave, but as actor Sean Ward impressed bosses, he was promoted to a regular with his contract extended into 2015.

Sean Ward's final episode (in broadcast order), Episode 8740 (23rd September 2015), was broadcast live to celebrate 60 years of ITV. In the episode, Callum was murdered by Kylie as she defended sister-in-law Sarah Platt. The manner of Ward's exit from the show wasn't publicised before the broadcast.

First and last lines

"Is he bothering you?" (First line, to Eva Price)


"That is a big mistake, you stupid, stupid girl! You stupid girl!" (Final line, to Sarah Platt)


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