Builder's Yard

Gary Windass Construction (formerly Jason's Construction, Owen Armstrong Construction, Webster's Construction and Stubbs Building Construction is a company located at the Builder's Yard at 19 Victoria Street. It was owned by Jason Grimshaw since May 2014 when his father Tony Stewart bought the premises from Owen Armstrong as a birthday present. In June 2016 Jason left Weatherfield, leaving Pat Phelan to continue working at the business, and his mother Eileen to manage the finances. The Builder's Yard has a telephone number of 0161-496-0432.


In 2007, Bill Webster crept up to Jason Grimshaw from the ladder onto the balcony, attempting to confront him after overhearing a conversation where Jason humorously slagged him off on which he took offence, causing him to fall and injure himself.

Tina McIntyre accidentally fell from the balcony in May 2014 after a confrontation with Rob Donovan, who wanted Tina to keep silent over her affair with Peter Barlow, the husband of Rob's sister Carla. Although Tina had survived the drop and Rob offered to call her an ambulance, she threatened to reveal his dodgy dealings at Barlow's Buys which would land Rob back in prison. In a rage, he beat her unconscious with a pipe, and she died the following week in Weatherfield General.

In the following May, during the fire at Victoria Court started by Tracy Barlow, Maddie Heath - who had just been in an argument with Jenny Bradley - went to tell Sophie Webster about her plan to kidnap her half-brother Jack. However, from a massive explosion at Carla Connor's flat came a small piece of flaming wooden debris. It landed near some flammable materials in the yard. When Maddie was running across Victoria Street to tell Sophie about Jenny, the chemicals exploded, knocking Maddie to the ground. She died of her injuries on 1st June. Over the next couple of days, Jason got really stressed about the heavily-damaged yard reopening.

Jason left Weatherfield in June 2016 after police concluded his father Tony Stewart was responsible for the murder of Callum Logan. Jason was warned by Gemma Winter that Callum's mates were looking for revenge, and later discovered his van on fire. Unbeknowst to Jason, his labourer Pat Phelan was responsible, as part of a scheme to take over the business. Pat suggested that Jason took a break and left him in charge, to which Jason agreed before leaving for Thailand. Pat's plans to steal from the business were thwarted however, when Jason's mother Eileen had already been asked to take over the business's finances.

After Phelan's crimes were discovered, Eileen made Gary Windass the manager, with Seb Franklin as a labourer.

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