Bryan Kirkwood held the positions of researcher, story associate, script editor and story editor on Coronation Street.

He left the Street to serve as producer on the popular teatime series Hollyoaks on Channel 4. He is regarded as one of the most successful producers of the series, increasing viewing figures and creating some of the most memorable storylines and characters.

Kirkwood left Hollyoaks to become executive producer for EastEnders. Sadly, he couldn't match his Hollyoaks success and left in 2012 following a decline in ratings and critical reviews in the media.

Shortly after leaving EastEnders, it was announced Kirkwood would be returning to Lime Productions, the company behind Hollyoaks to develop and produce new series. In September 2012, his name once again appeared on the credits of Hollyoaks, this time as executive producer and it was confirmed Kirkwood would work alongside former Street producer Tony Wood to drive the series forward.

Following the announcement that series producer Emma Smithwick was leaving Hollyoaks, it was confirmed that Kirkwood would take day to day control of the series once again.

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