Bridlington is a coastal town and civil parish on the Holderness Coast of the North Sea, promoted as "Lobster Capital of Europe". With a population of over 35,000 people, it is a a minor sea-fishing port with its main trade being summer tourism.

Ena Sharples enjoyed a two-week holiday there in June 1961 from which she sent back a typically caustic postcard to Minnie Caldwell:

"Just to let you know that all is well, an' all at the Rovers may be out of sight but not out of mind. So if Martha Longhurst has parked her carcass in my chair, just tell her to shift it back to her own. Wish you were 'ere, Ena."

Sheila Birtles was less enamoured of the resort when she was taken there by her parents for a week in July 1963. Her "bonkers" father insisted she get up at 7.45am each morning for a walk on the promenade and she likened to experience to six months' hard labour.

Emily went there in August 1994 to stay with one of her sisters and her husband (though she didn't specify to Deirdre Barlow which of her many siblings she was visiting).

Finally, in August 1994 Fred Elliott was in a morose and cynical mood about affairs of the heart and offered a weekend in Paris to any couple who could prove that romance really existed. When the travel agent informed him that his gesture would cost him the best part of £500, the prize was "amended" at the last minute to the Hotel Paris in Bridlington. He changed his mind when his son Ashley Peacock romantically proposed to Claire Casey.

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