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Bridget Finch was the long-suffering wife of Brendan, the editor of a cheap sensational magazine entitled The Inexplicable which dealt with supernatural and other sundry matters.

Brendan and Mary Taylor had started a relationship in October 2015 when she was ignorant of his married state. He then invited her to a convention in Warrington sating that Bridget would not want to go. Mary was shocked to learn that he was married but despite the revelation, she put on a brave face and accepted his invitation. She later told him that she was not cut out to be his mistress, but he attempted to win her round by saying that he was going to get divorced.

The two saw each when they could over the next couple of months, despite Rita Tanner and Norris Cole finding out the truth and warning Mary that she was playing with fire. Her champion was her landlord and employer, Dev Alahan, who, ignorant of Brendan's married position, told Norris to leave Mary alone when he tried to stop her and Brendan going on a date.

Matters came to a head when Bridget turned up in the Rovers, having seen a picture of Mary on his phone "dressed as Heidi". Dev came into the pub as Bridget called Mary a trollop and slapped her across the face and he discovered that Brendan was a married man. Mary stated that she was relieved that the truth was out but was devastated when Brendan turned up and his declarations of mutual love were not forthcoming told as he told his wife in front of everyone that Mary was a deranged fan of his. Bridget looked at Mary with a mixture of contempt and pity and told her that she wasn't the first woman he had strayed with but that his standards were obviously slipping. She left the pub with Brendan in tow, telling him that he would be sleeping on the Z-bed that night.