The rather snooty Bridal Shop Assistant worked at the Emma Vesancci bridal shop where bride-to-be Becky Granger went to choose her wedding dress in August 2009.

Becky and Hayley Cropper began to peruse the rails whilst the assistant was dealing with another customer who was sipping champagne and trying on a gown. However, the assistant's attention was soon drawn towards Becky and came over to offer her a pair of white gloves to avoid getting finger marks on the expensive garments. When Becky questioned as to why the other customer was getting preferential treatment, the assistant explained that she didn't hand out champagne "willy nilly", the other bride was getting married next spring at Manchester Town Hall, and intimated that Becky would probably see her wedding pictures in all the society magazines on a trip to the dentist in the near future. A furious Becky led Hayley out of the shop and told the assistant that she was lucky she was leaving empty-handed, and not with her head in a bag.

Returning to the boutique later in the day with fiancé Steve McDonald, Becky sarcastically told the assistant that she'd scrubbed her hands front and back in bleach. With Steve producing his credit card, the assistant mellowed somewhat and Becky tried on an expensive gown in the fitting room. Becky then asked the assistant not to embarrass herself by offering them champagne since the pair ran a pub and drank champagne like water. Having backed-down, the expensive gown and a garter was purchased.

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