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Brian Turner is the father of Kylie Platt. He kicked her out of his house where she was staying when she became pregnant with Max Turner, at the age of nineteen.

In August 2010, Kylie's half-sister Becky McDonald recounted how Brian used to regularly make passes at her as a minor.

He used to abuse Kylie and she became very jealous with the relationship that he and Becky had considering that she wasn't even his daughter.

Brian never followed his daughter to Coronation Street and was not present at Kylie's funeral in 2016.

In Episode 7548 (4th March 2011), Kylie's fiancé David Platt, references that Kylie would have to perform a séance to ask her parents what they thought of their engagement - implying that her father had already died. Although he could have just been referring to Kylie's mother, who passed away in January 2010.