Brian Finch (25th July, 1936 - 27th June, 2007) was a BAFTA award-winning television screenwriter who penned 149 episodes of Coronation Street between January 1970 and July 1978 and a second stint in the role between January 1987 and January 1989, two of the episodes being co-written with Susan Pleat and Leslie Duxbury. Prior to beginning work as a script-writer on the programme, he was a regular contributor to TV Times with many articles on Coronation Street being credited to him in the 1960s.

His other credits include episodes of The Tomorrow People, All Creatures Great and Small and Bergerac. Brian won a BAFTA for his work on the John Thaw drama Goodnight, Mister Tom.

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Episodes written by Brian FinchEdit


1970 (20 episodes)

1971 (17 episodes)

1972 (17 episodes)

1973 (13 episodes)

1974 (16 episodes)

1975 (13 episodes)

1976 (9 episodes)

1977 (13 episodes)

1978 (8 episodes)


1987 (9 episodes)

1988 (12 episodes)

1989 (2 episodes)

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