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Bramhall is a suburb of the borough of Stockport in Greater Manchester.

Long regarded as an affluent area, its population of 25,500 people are mainly commuter-belt residents who work in outlying areas, particularly central Manchester.

Alan Howard had plans to move from Weatherfield to Bramhall in 1970 and he and future wife Elsie viewed a house there in March of that year. In the event, his business interests failed and he was left with a large number of debts to pay off, meaning he was unable to complete on the purchase of a house in Hawthorne Grove.

Wendy Nightingale, Ken Barlow's married teacher girlfriend in 1976 lived in Bramhall with her husband Roger while two years later the snobbish Annie Walker met a Sonia Forrester on a flight back from Jersey and offered her a lift back from Manchester Airport in her car driven by her chauffeur "Frederick". Annie was not pleased when Fred arrived in Len Fairclough's builder's van as Annie's Rover had been stolen. Mrs Forrester chose to take a taxi back to Bramhall instead...

For a period in the mid-1980s, Derek Wilton lived in the suburb. In 1990, Brenda Taylor proudly informed Vera Duckworth that her mother came from Bramhall, as did businessman Nick Gerrity who did business with Steve McDonald in 1995 but failed to pay him for a consignment of printed t-shirts. In September of the same year, Phyllis Pearce saw a widower called Louis who also lived in Bramhall. That December, newlyweds Curly and Raquel Watts attended a dinner party at the Bramhall residence of Curly's boss Eric Firman and his wife Edith.

After leaving Dev Alahan in 2006, Sunita moved to a house at 7 Meadow View, Bramhall until their reconciliation in 2009 when she moved back to Coronation Street and in February 2013 it was a port of call for Lewis Archer to withdraw money from cashpoints after defrauding Gail McIntyre and running off with her bank details.