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Bradley Diggins was a thug in the making who was a classmate of Craig Harris's. Playing football with Craig and David Platt outside The Kabin, he gave cheek to Tommy Harris (and lived to tell the tale) and caused anger inside the shop by their repeatedly kicking the ball against the garage door, giving Rita Sullivan a headache and annoying Norris Cole. Eventually he confiscated the ball and a second one that they managed to produce, only for Bradley to lead a deputation into the shop, with Rosie Webster in tow, threatening to smash in the windows if their property wasn't given back. Norris retaliated by plunging a pair of scissors into one of the balls leading to Tommy demanding, with some menace, that he be paid back £20 for the items. Norris had no option but to pay up and, as a result, the four urchins carried on regardless with their football kicking, knowing that Tommy would support them. They even came into the shop again to show off their new ball and taunt the shopkeepers. With the end of the half-term holidays, calm was restored when the children went back to school.

The following January, Bradley was back, using Chesney Brown as cover while he stole packets of felt-tip pens from The Kabin to flog at school. He also took to playing outside the shop again and this time a window ended up being broken when Chesney kicked the ball accidentally into it. Although Rita initially found herself at loggerheads with Cilla Brown over the matter, she smoothed matters over and calm returned - until Bradley pushed Chesney into stealing sweets from the shop and, being caught by Rita and trying to run out, cracked his head on a display stand. This led to Cilla putting Rita through a nightmare of a criminal case for assaulting a child and a claim for compensation. Bradley's last bit of provocation was to taunt Rita that Chesney would be going to Florida on the back of the money she would be forced to pay him and he asked her if she could hit him as well so that he could also pocket some compensation!

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