Bob Bradshaw was a planning officer employed by Weatherfield Borough Council. He took a shine to newly-divorced Alma Halliwell, who he met when he went to 5 Grasmere Drive to get councillor Audrey Roberts to sign some papers. Instantly taken with the lodging Alma, he changed his mind about staying for a drink, so that he could spend some time with Audrey’s friend, although his hostess was oblivious to the real object of his attentions, When he called again shortly thereafter on the same pretext, Audrey was flattered and convinced that she was the one who was in his sights. Determined to let him down gently, as the attraction wasn’t mutual, her nose was put out of joint when she discovered who he was really after!

This incident caused a short-term rift between the two friends, with Audrey being at her most haughty, putting on a front that she didn’t want Alma going out with someone who was connected with her on official council business. Alma’s response was mild bemusement, although her patience was tested when Bob took her to Alberto’s, a posh restaurant, and Alma had dressed down on Audrey’s recommendation.

Alma's new friendship continued steadily for several weeks, until it became apparent that Bob was a corrupt official. Bob had taken a backhander from a man called Lenny Sewell, to make sure that a planning application went through. When it failed to do so, Mr Sewell reported Bob. Bob tried to get Audrey on his side by belatedly coming on to her, but Audrey suddenly remembered her friendship with Alma, and threw Bob out of the house. When she told Alma what had happened, Alma refused to believe her and the two had a major row with Alma threatening to move out. Soon afterwards, Bob was arrested for taking bribes and Alma came to see that her friend was really telling the truth. The two women were reconciled.

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