Bob Birchall was Suzie Birchall's domineering father, who turned up in Weatherfield in October 1977 to take his daughter back home, as his wife Margaret had walked out on him, after twenty-one years of marriage.

After hearing about her mother's escape, Suzie was unsympathetic; telling Bob that her mother should have left years ago. She later contacted her mother and agreed not to tell Bob where she was staying. Suzie's best friend Gail Potter was surprised at how well Suzie coped, but Suzie told her that Bob just wanted someone to skivvy for him, and slapped Gail when she asked why she left Margaret there in the first place.

When Suzie refused to go with Bob of her own free will, Bob set about trying to force Suzie away from her friends and her job at the Western Front. With her boss Mike Baldwin away in London, Bob spoke to Ernest Bishop without Suzie's knowledge, and informed him that Suzie would be leaving at the weekend. Upon finding out, Suzie returned to 11 Coronation Street and packed her bags, telling landlady Elsie Tanner that she was going into hiding until Bob left her alone and eventually she broke down in tears. Elsie convinced her to stay and fight Bob. When he arrived the next day to take Suzie away, after revealing his true colours to Gail, he was confronted by Elsie. Bob accused her of turning Suzie against him, and told Elsie that he didn't want his daughter living with a tart. Elsie promptly threw him out.

Before leaving, Bob saw Suzie and tried to force her into going home with him, but Suzie fought back. Steve Fisher saw and intervened; he saved Suzie, but the fight ended with Bob hitting Steve and telling Suzie he never wanted to see her again.

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