Bob, a police officer, and his colleagues staked out and then raided 13 Coronation Street in January 2017 following Rosie and Sophie Webster when they returned from the United States of America. Telling Kevin, Anna Windass and Jack Webster that they had a warrant to search the premises, they began to ransack through the cupboards as Kevin glowered that he had been set up by Tyrone Dobbs with who he was in dispute over problems at the garage. Jack didn't believe the plain-clothes men were actual police so Bob and his colleague happily showed the little lad their ID's. Demanding to search the girls' luggage, they announced that they had reason to believe that there were illegal drugs on the premises and Bob soon found a plastic bag of white powder in her case.

The two girls were arrested and taken to Weatherfield Police Station where they were separately questioned. Bob dealt with Sophie and asked her about Rosie's friends back in the States and whether the British among them had asked them to bring anything home with them. The young girl firmly told him that she wouldn't be so stupid as to agree to such a request.

When the powder was proved to be tea sweetener, the girls were let go. They later discovered real drugs hidden in a bag that had accidentally been left in their taxi and which Rosie's DJ boyfriend Antoine Reese had said contained "homeland treats" for Greg, a friend of his back in the UK.

Credited as "Police Officer 2", the character's name was given in dialogue.
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