Blake Deeley was a barber employed by Rachel Healy at the Freddie Edwards salon in Weatherfield which found it had a competitor on the block when Nick Tilsley and David Platt's shop Trim Up North opened for business in March 2019.

Rachel carried out several sabotage tactics against the interloper which included sending Blake there on the grand opening day. He posed as a customer asking for a wet shave but claimed that David had cut his neck with the very first stroke of the razor, courtesy of a bit of stage blood. Blake kicked off in front of the other customers but had to watch his performance when GP Ali Neeson offered to look at the wound for him. Instead he approached Weatherfield Gazette reporter Naila Badal and told her what had happened to him. He also took his own selfie and left the premises with threats to make his story viral. Nick followed him to placate him but when he saw the man getting into Rachel Healey's car, he realised they had been set up.

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