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Yard entrance in 1962

Birtwistle's Construction was a carpentry firm in Weatherfield where Len Fairclough was employed until 1962. In April of that year, Martha Longhurst alerted Len's boss to the fact that the builder was doing foreigners in the area after being told that he was too busy to decorate 7 Mawdsley Street. Len was summarily dismissed from his job, leading him to set up his own plumbing and building firm at 15 Mawdsley Street.

The day before his firing, Len had a bust-up with his oldest friend Harry Hewitt in Birtwistle's yard as a result of suggestive comments Len had made to Concepta. The fight ended with Len face down in a pile of boxes.

Len's employer, Mr. Birtwistle, was never seen or explicitly referenced but the yard door (pictured above) gives his first initial as J.

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