Bill Sharp was a detective who crossed paths with the residents of Coronation Street on three occasions in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

In September 1966, he showed up at No.5 to question Jed Stone and search the house for stolen blankets Jed was suspected to have received. Sharp found the blankets and charged Jed, but kindly agreed not to upset Jed's landlady Minnie Caldwell on her birthday, who would be devastated if she knew what Jed was up to behind her back, by pretending to be a friend of Jed's.

Sharp was called to the Street again in August 1968 while searching for escaped convicted rapist Frank Riley, who was known to be in the area. The residents had alerted the police when Ena Sharples heard banging inside No.14 but hadn't been able to raise anybody inside. To minimise the risk to Valerie Barlow and her twin children Peter and Susan, who were in the flat, Sharp planned to take Riley by surprise. Firstly, he had the residents carry on as normal so Riley wouldn't notice anything odd outside. Secondly, he had more police arrive but keep out of sight - but Riley noticed the build-up anyway, and armed himself with an iron bar. Finally, he devised a plan to get in through the kitchen window, as with the door closed they could enter unseen. This was successful, and Riley was apprehended and subdued with no harm to Valerie or her children.

In September 1971, Sharp investigated when Lucille Hewitt was mugged near Bessie Street while on her way to the bank with the takings from Dave Smith's Betting Shop, where she worked behind the counter. Sharp questioned Dave Smith and thought it odd that Lucille was unaccompanied on her trip, which wasn't the usual procedure. This led him to wonder if Lucille was in on it, but no further action was taken and the culprit, Frank Bradley, was caught and dealt with by Dave's heavies.

Episode 1110 credited the character as Det Insp Bill Sharp instead of the usual Det Con Bill Sharp.

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