Between the covers
Pardon the Expression
Episode number 24
Episode Between the Covers
ITV broadcast date 4th April 1966 (Monday)
Writer Charles Hart and Peter Bishop
Director Michael Cox
Designer Terry Pritchard
Previous episode The Take-over Bid
Next episode Whose Been Sleeping in Our Beds?


All departments of Dobson and Hawkes are reporting increased sales figures with the exception of Leonard Swindley’s book section where his choice of new books are as dusty as the unsold volumes sat on the shelves. His Wednesday afternoon reading circle is made up of a group of old ladies who pretend to be shocked at the slightest hint of anything lewd in their books but also hanker for something racier. Walter Hunt, threatening to replace the section entirely with an ironmongery section, instead stocks it with lurid paperbacks including a large selection of "bodice-rippers" which Swindley’s old ladies lap up, much preferring the delights of "Love on a Camel" and "The Naked Breakfast" to that of "Knapsack through the Chilterns" by Hilda Hopwood. Someone else takes an interest – the local C.I.D. who arrest Swindley for stocking obscene material. At court his barrister, Sir Claude Wagstaffe, advises him to plead guilty, as no one could possibly believe his defence that he thought "The Scented Flowerbed" was about gardening. Swindley is saved though when he sees that one of his old ladies, Miss Bracewell, is chairman of the bench. Swindley is welcomed back with delight by his colleagues at Dobson and Hawkes who were making plans to visit him in prison. Hunt is less delighted though to hear that Swindley, who borrowed his car to go to court, backed the vehicle into the Chief Constable’s limousine and the attending policeman noticed that the tax disc was out of date…


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This episode was included in Network DVD collection Pardon the Expression - The Complete Second Series, released on 24th August, 2009.

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