Bettina, her real name being Betty Ryan, was a dancer from Ireland and an old showbusiness friend of Charlie Moffitt. The two had last met in Filey when Charlie had lent Bettina and her mate Pip Mistral £25. Making their separate ways over time to Weatherfield, Pip caught up with Charlie at his lodgings at 5 Coronation Street and invited him to a birthday party for Bettina on the coming Sunday at their flat on Church Street where another friend, Monique, would be present, and asked him to provide some more men to even up the numbers.

Charlie got a very willing Len Fairclough, Harry Hewitt and Ken Barlow to join him and they made their way to the flat after a few pre-drinks at a pub on the way. The girls were delighted to see them but Charlie found himself the odd one out as the others paired off - Ken with Pip, Len with Monique and Harry with Bettina. While Ken and Pip chatted, the others danced. As they did a slow waltz across the flat floor, Bettina told Harry that he was a good dancer and she complimented him on his aftershave (which had previously been the subject of several derogatory complaints from Concepta and Lucille). Their tryst was broken up by Charlie who was hungry and asked Bettina to make him a bacon sandwich. The repast prepared, the four resumed their dancing which was again broken up when Charlie put on an impromptu cabaret with his trumpet.

Slightly the worse for wear, the four men left late at night, with both Ken and Harry returning to face the wrath of their wives who had realised that their cover story of a regimental reunion dinner was a total work of fiction.

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