Elizabeth Mary "Bessie" Tatlock (née Vickery) was the wife of Albert Tatlock and the mother of Beattie Pearson.  She was a Coronation Street resident from 1919 to 1959.

Born in 1903 and orphaned at seven years-old in 1911, she was raised by an elderly maiden aunt and upon her death three years later she entered into service at Mr. Thatcher's household in her hometown of Bury. She met her future husband Albert in 1915, while he was training during the First World War and she waved him off at the train station when he went to fight in France.

After the War ended, they were married on 18th October 1919 and they moved into 1 Coronation Street with Bessie securing work as a weaver at Hardcastle's Mill. In 1933, she became a mother when she gave birth to their daughter Beatrice.

During the Second World War, she put her sewing talents to good use and ran a small business mending clothes with close friend and next-door neighbour Ida Barlow.

Bessie was a kindly woman and a popular member of the community. She died in her sleep in 1959, leaving Albert a widower.

Bessie first appeared in Daran Little and Bill Hill's "Weatherfield Life" published in 1992. Other information is derived from Little's follow-up book, "Around the Coronation Street Houses" with additional details on Bessie's life from 1915-1945 expanded upon in the novels "Keeping the Home Fires Burning" and "Coronation Street at War" by Daran Little, and "The Way to Victory" by Christine Green.
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