Bessie Street school exterior

The exterior of Bessie Street school in 1972

Bessie Street School (formerly Silk Street Elementary and Hardcastle's Factory School) is a primary school located in Weatherfield. Its alumni and current pupils include many Coronation Street residents and it has been a part of the community for many years.


Former pupils:

Current pupils:


Former Staff:

Current Staff:


  • Joseph Brown was born at Weatherfield Community Hall during a nativity play held by Bessie Street School in 2011.
  • Peter Barlow turned up drunk to his son, Simon's, nativity in 2008. This deeply upset Simon as he wanted his dad to watch him and he didn't like him when he was drunk.
  • In 2014, David and Kylie Platt were called in as son Max was being disruptive. In September of that year, he even squirted paint all over the wall.

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