Beryl Haydn Peacock (née Elliott) was the wife of Sam Peacock and the presumed mother of Ashley Peacock.

In 1976, Kathleen Gutteridge gave birth to Ashley after entering into a romantic relationship with Fred Elliott following the death of his wife Sybil. Kathleen wanted to see the world and refused to be tied down by a child and so, not wanting to raise the baby on his own, Fred gave Ashley to his sister Beryl and her husband Sam to raise as their own.

Sometime prior to 1996 Sam died and Beryl began dating again. Ashley wasn't a fan of his mother's new boyfriend, Trevor, and moved to Coronation Street to stay with his "uncle" Fred. In May 1999, Fred revealed the truth about Ashley's parentage - at first he was horrified and cut all ties with Fred and Beryl. However, this didn't last and he later reconciled with them both.

Beryl attended Ashley's wedding to Maxine Heavey later that year in September and returned to Weatherfield again two years later in September 2002 for Ashley's son Joshua Peacock's christening. She was also present for Maxine's funeral in January 2003, after she was murdered by Richard Hillman, as well as for Ashley's next marriage to Claire Casey in December 2004 and her brother's funeral in October 2006.

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