Bernie Bagshaw was a salesman who sold old stock from companies such as Chuckles Novelty Co at rock bottom prices. Bernie worked independently and had a two-year turnaround, travelling around the country. In 1989, he flogged his wares in Weatherfield, incurring the wrath of Chuckles salesman Derek Wilton.

Derek became worried when he found customers already supplied with his company's stock, and resolved to investigate. While doing his rounds at Ashton Parade, he saw Chuckles items in a car boot outside a toy shop and lay in wait for the salesman. Confronted by Derek, the short Scot treated his accusations of trespassing with amusement, joking that Derek saw himself as Al Capone. Derek's complaints fell on deaf ears, with Bernie gleefully accepting the insults thrown at him before driving away.

The men had a second encounter at a newsagent a few days later. Bernie was in the middle of showing off the novelties from his case to the shopkeeper when Derek came in, armed with a case full of identical stock. Thinking Derek to be a regular customer, the shopkeeper went to attend to him. Derek launched into his sales pitch and did his best to ignore Bernie, but Bernie kept interrupting him to offer the shopkeeper a lower price, which Derek couldn't match as he was selling newer higher quality stock. Their banter greatly amused the shopkeeper, who tried to get them to admit that they were in it together. Realising he was getting nowhere, Bernie left "Doris" to claim his victory.

Their third and final meeting took place closer to home. When Bernie tried to sell his wares to an uninterested Rita Fairclough at The Kabin, they were interrupted by Derek and Mavis Wilton. Incensed, Derek grabbed Bernie's case, resulting in a tussle between Derek and Bernie which ended up becoming a battle of fisticuffs. Before the first punch was thrown, Rita stepped in and sent Bernie on his merry way.

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