Bernard Butler was Elsie Tanner's nephew, who briefly lodged with Elsie in Coronation Street from late 1969 to early 1970. His sister was Sandra Butler.


Bernard arrived in Weatherfield and his aunt Elsie Tanner's house in November 1969 from Saddleworth, hot on the heels of his younger sister Sandra after their mother had been taken into hospital. The pair were allowed to lodge with Elsie for the foreseeable future, and Elsie got Bernard and Sandra jobs at Alan Howard's Salon, where Elsie worked as manageress.

Kind-hearted Bernard was protective of Sandra, although he was a greater physical threat than he appeared; when Sandra's fiancé Ray Langton was seen kissing Audrey Fleming, Bernard knocked him to the floor in the Rovers pub.

Soon after arriving in the Street, Bernard fell for Irma Barlow, who was on a visit from Australia, and kept finding excuses to see her. When Irma returned to Weatherfield permanently when her husband and son were killed in a car crash, Bernard was supportive but when her attentions moved to Dave Smith, Bernard realised Irma only saw him as a friend.

In 1970, Alan Howard unfairly sacked Bernard at the salon, causing the staff to walk out in protest. Bernard was spurred on by the staff to start up a rival business, but he was eventually persuaded to return. After being rejected by Irma, Bernard left Weatherfield and took a job back home in Saddleworth.

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Bernard was written out of the series, along with his sister Sandra, when new Producer June Howson took over the programme in 1970. He also appeared in spin-off insert for the 1969 All Star Comedy Carnival.

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"Oh, this is the right house then. Hello, Aunty Elsie, sis." (First line)


"Thanks, ta." (Final line, to Betty Turpin)

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