Ben Williams was Angie Freeman's boyfriend in early 1991.

Ben never spoke much about himself, preferring to comment on events around him. Like Angie, he was a student, most likely at Manchester Polytechnic. His ambition was to emigrate to Australia after graduating. Being in a relationship with a design student, Ben was frequently roped into Angie's projects, such as when she made him model a poncho, apparel he didn't think was practical due to his hands not being free to play the guitar.

Ben didn't develop much affection for Angie's neighbours in Coronation Street during his short stay. When she told Rita Fairclough that her housemate Jenny Bradley had left Mark Casey for another man, Ben commented disparagingly that everyone had an angle on everybody else (before trying to prise more info out of Angie on Jenny himself).

In March, Jenny moved out of Angie's digs and Curly Watts took the empty room. Ben was anxious about Angie living with another man, never having met Curly. To allay his fears, and those of Curly's girlfriend Raquel Wolstenhulme, Angie cooked Hungarian goulash for the four of them. Afterwards, Ben told Curly that he wasn't worried now that he'd seen him - a comment Curly didn't know how to take.

A few weeks later, Angie was given the opportunity to model her designs at the Poly fashion show. All was going well until Raquel, one of Angie's models, was forced to drop out at the last minute by Reg Holdsworth due to her being Miss Bettabuy. As Angie scrambled to find a replacement, Ben provided little support, belittling her for making such a big deal about a student presentation. He angered her further by refusing to meet her early on the day to begin setting up, telling her that he had lectures to attend. Though he changed his mind when Angie had a go at him, it was too little too late and Angie threw him out, ending their relationship.

After graduation, Ben remained in Weatherfield and ended up managing a group called Dive after hearing them at university. In November 1992, when Dive were due to play support at the electronic concert, he sought out a newly-graduated Angie to ask her to design the band's T-shirts to sell on the night. Angie accepted the job and arranged for Steve McDonald to print them.

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