Benjamin "Ben" Watts was the son of Curly and Emma Watts who was born in 2001. Ben was born a few weeks prematurely and Emma ended up giving birth to Ben inside 7 Coronation Street. Neighbour, Norris Cole found Emma having contractions and called the midwives to the scene. While waiting he helped Emma deliver the baby. As a token of their thanks, the following day, Curly and Emma named their newborn son Benjamin, after Norris's middle name.

Following his actions, Norris stayed in touch with the Watts family. One night Ben was continually crying and Norris managed to put him to sleep by singing songs to him. Norris kept having to go over to sing to baby Ben until Curly decided to record Norris's singing on a cassette tape.

In September 2003 Curly, Emma and Ben left Weatherfield and started a new life in Newcastle.

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