Ben Richardson was the captain of Weatherfield High's swimming team and a devout Christian. Friends with Ryan Connor, Sian Powers and Sophie Webster, he and Sophie soon developed a relationship. After taking Sophie to a Christian Youth Club, she also decided to become a Christian.

Ben persuaded Chesney Battersby-Brown to return to school and offered to stand up to Kenzie Judd and the other bullies if Chesney received any more hassle from them. Ben and his parents were in attendance at Sally Webster's birthday party in July 2009 where, in an attempt to wind up Sophie, her sister Rosie flirted with Ben. Furious, Sophie threw a drink over Rosie, but her actions backfired when Ben told her that he didn't go out with girls who fight. The pair broke up but made up shortly afterwards and Ben moved in with Ryan and his mum Michelle when his parents went to Southampton.

In mid-December 2009, Ben, in the spur of the moment, kissed Michelle. He was dismayed by his actions he promptly moved out of their flat. Ryan was disgusted by his friend's behaviour and told Sophie a few days later. Sophie accused Ryan of being jealous and painted Michelle as a tart. After realising that Ryan was telling the truth, Sophie apologised to him and Ben left Weatherfield.

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"If you've owt to say, spit it out before it flamin' well chokes yer"
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