Ben Heath is the younger brother of Maddie Heath. He had run away from his foster home to return to his birth mother who tried to hide him from social services. When Sophie Webster and her mother Sally arrived at the property, they found Ben. His mother, Fran, panicked as she thought Sophie and Sally were looking to take him away. Maddie eventually returned Ben to his foster home.

Ben learned in May 2014 that he would be moving to Devon with his foster parents. Upset at the news, Maddie didn't want him to go and subsequently took him from his foster home but told Sophie that she had their consent for Ben to stay with her. When social worker Selina Rowley was alerted, she accompanied PC Carson and PC Connolly on a routine visit to 13 Coronation Street. The trio fled through the back door and hid in Mary Taylor's motorhome. Sophie attempted to make Maddie see sense and give Ben back but her words initially fell on deaf ears. She eventually mellowed when Ben told her that he wanted to move to Devon. The police saw him leaving the motorhome and arrested Sophie and Maddie, however they were released without charge.

In June 2015 Ben came up to Weatherfield with his foster mother for Maddie's funeral, after she was killed in an explosion at the Builder's Yard during the Victoria Court fire. Ben was present when the hearse arrived and was briefly comforted by Sophie. Afterwards, she again gave him solace in the back garden when he broke down at his loss. Sophie promised him that she would always be there for him and he was to look upon her as a "nearly-sister".

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