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DS Ben Glynn is a plainclothes CID officer with the Weatherfield Police force. On 22nd February 2010, Glynn and DS Carr were assigned to an investigation into the death of Joe McIntyre whose body had recently been found in Lake Windermere. Glynn and Carr broke the news about Joe's death to his widow Gail and began questioning her about Joe's activities. Although Gail initially stated that Joe had been working in Cumbria, she soon changed her statement and admitted that she had had an argument with Joe when he told her about his plan to fake his own death, and that Joe had sailed away in his boat when Gail was unable to stop him going ahead with his plan.

As Gail was the last known person to see Joe, most of the investigation involved questioning her and clarifying her statements, although most of the questions were asked by Carr. Glynn appeared more willing to believe Gail's story than Carr, and remained more sympathetic in his manner even as the evidence against Gail mounted up, recommending that Gail hire a solicitor prior to her arrest.

After a few weeks' investigation, Glynn and Carr responded to a complaint by Cumbrian residents Mark and Jane Kenworthy that David Platt had appealed to them to change their statements. They warned David that he could be charged with perverting the course of justice.

The date for the trial at Weatherfield Crown Court approached with no new leads until 13th May when Glynn and Carr were contacted through a solicitor by Tracy Barlow, who was in Redford Prison serving a life sentence and who was a neighbour of Gail's prior to her sentencing. Tracy offered to use Gail's trust to extract a confession from her but upon meeting with Tracy, Glynn and Carr weren't sure if she was genuine or stringing them along. Nevertheless they travelled back to Lake Windermere and found the "evidence" that Tracy said would be there - a rolling pin hidden by Gail to stop Joe cooking and relax. Tracy was duly produced as a witness in court but she failed to impress and a "not guilty" verdict was delivered. Glynn's nonchalant response was to say, "you win some, you lose some" whereas a disappointed Carr pointed out that the idea was to win them all. They visited Tracy and made it clear that no deal was done and that she was now on her own. Tracy was duly hospitalised by her angry block-mates.

Credited onscreen as "DC/DS Glynn", the character's forename was given in dialogue in Episode 10283 (26th March 2021).
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