Ben Fielding was the violent husband of the unseen Vicky Fielding who Colin Fishwick had been having an affair with while he was in prison for assaulting a policeman. Colin and Vicky had fled to Canada to escape Ben but when John Stape assumed Colin’s identity to get a job back in the teaching profession, Ben thought he was back in the country and came after him.

Having traced “Colin” to 5 Coronation Street, he first called and spoke to Chesney Battersby-Brown who, unaware of John’s deception, managed to temporarily convince Ben that he was mistaken. A few days later he called again when John and Fiz were in the house along with Chesney. John didn’t want to give the game away to Chesney and his hesitation convinced Ben that he’d tracked down his quarry and he punched him to the ground. John hurriedly showed Ben an identity card with his real name and he left, only to come back a few days later as he was convinced John knew of the real Colin’s whereabouts. About to hit him again, Fiz gave in and told Ben that Colin was working in a bookshop in Manchester. Ben went onto give Colin a violent beating, which led an angry Colin to confront John demanding money to leave the area, or the threat of exposing him for stealing his identity. Unfortunately, the beating caused Colin to suffer a brain haemorrhage and die, and John hid his body beneath Underworld with Charlotte Hoyle to stop the police finding out he stole Colin's identity.

Over a year later, the body was uncovered and the police believed John had beaten and murdered Colin, and Ben wasn't connected at all. When Fiz was later questioned about the murder, she claimed she remembered a man beating Colin up but couldn't remember his name. However, when John made his statement on his deathbed several months later, he gave Ben's name to the police.

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