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Rebecca "Becky" Palmer is the daughter of Claire and the late Jeff Palmer. She was still getting over the loss of her dad, an RAF lieutenant killed in a hangar fire, when her mum (whom she shared a close relationship with) met Des Barnes in 1996. Mother and daughter moved into his house, 6 Coronation Street, soon after.

Becky disapproved of the blossoming relationship (something she agreed on with Jeff's parents Carol and Charlie Palmer), feeling Claire was simply moving on from her dad. However, on a canal boat holiday Des and Becky had a heart-to-heart, in which he told her about his late partner, Lisa Duckworth, who was killed in a car accident. Slowly but surely, Becky dropped her hostilities.

It emerged, however, that Claire would lose her RAF pension if she moved in with another man, so she and Becky briefly moved into the 17a Victoria Street flat to try to cover their tracks. Soon after, Charlie reported Claire for what she was doing, so she decided to jump before she was pushed; she came clean, gave the pension up and the two moved back to No.6.

Becky had a pet budgie, Jarvis, gifted to her by neighbour Mavis Wilton who had her own budgie, Beauty. She had a good relationship with Mavis, her husband Derek and her best friend Lauren Hickson, as well as a schoolgirl crush on local butcher Ashley Peacock, who was amused to receive a Valentine from her. Her other hobbies included sports and the Guides.

Des and Claire's relationship came to an abrupt end in March 1997 when Des tried to get local barmaid Samantha Failsworth into bed. Claire immediately dumped him and moved out with Becky and Jarvis in tow. Becky was very upset as she saw No.6 as her home, and blamed Samantha as well as Des for breaking up the family unit, even though she hadn't reciprocated Des's advances. She angrily confronted her by banging on her door, but Mavis managed to calm her down.

First and last lines

"Yeah." (First line, to Des Barnes who asked if she found the loo).


"Yeah, well neither do we!" (Final line, to Samantha Failsworth who said she didn't want Des).

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