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The Battersbys are a family who have lived in Coronation Street, Weatherfield since 1997 when they moved in to No.5. They were extremely noisy, disrespectful and reckless when they first arrived, and not many residents on the street enjoyed having them as neighbours. As of 2022, the only original members of the Battersby family still living in Weatherfield are Leanne Battersby and Toyah Habeeb.

Family tree

Price family
Betty Battersby
Brown family
Moira Kelly
Stella Price
Les Battersby-Brown
Janice Battersby
Ronnie Clegg
Cilla Battersby-Brown
Josie Battersby
Greg Kelly
Nick Tilsley
Leanne Battersby
Peter Barlow
Steve McDonald
Toyah Battersby
Toby Chapman
Katy Armstrong
Chesney Brown
Gemma Winter
Simon Barlow
Oliver Battersby
Joseph Brown
Aled Winter-Brown
Carys Winter-Brown
Llio Winter-Brown
Bryn Winter-Brown

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