Barlows buys

Barlow's Buys was a cash converters shop that opened in August 2013 in 19 Rosamund Street. Peter Barlow rented the premises to Rob Donovan and Tracy Barlow when his business went under.

Although the shop ostensibly bought its stock from legitimate channels, it wasn't long before Tony Stewart began supplying Rob and Tracy with stolen goods. Tina McIntyre discovered some of these activities and her threat to expose Rob provided one of his motives for murdering her in May 2014.

Todd Grimshaw was taken on at the shop in October in order that Tracy and Rob could concentrate on their wedding plans. When Rob was exposed for murdering Tina McIntyre and arrested by police, Tracy threw Todd out as she was sick and tired of listening to him going on about his family but reinstated him a few weeks later.

Following a break-in during January 2015 most of the stock was trashed and Tracy was upset to discover that because her last payment on the insurance premium had bounced, she wasn't eligible to make a claim. Struggling with money she reluctantly agreed to give Tony a 50% share of the business in return for £6,000.

In December that year Tracy was struggling with the shop after Tony gave back his share but cleaned her out of all the business' money. Her boyfriend Robert Preston suggested she should do something she loved, which gave Tracy the idea of being a florist again. Giving up on Barlow's Buys, Tracy opened up a florists shop in the same premsises named Preston's Petals.


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