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{{DEFAULTSORT:Knox, Barbara}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Knox, Barbara}}
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[[Category:Coronation Street actors]]
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Barbara Knox (born 30th September, 1933) is a British actress best known for her role on Coronation Street as singer-turned-newsagent Rita Sullivan. Her Street debut was a solitary appearance on 2nd December 1964, and then she didn't appear again till 31st January 1972, after which Rita was made a full-time character, a role Barbara still plays to this day.

Barbara recorded an album in 1973, and in 1989 she won a TV Times award for Best Actress thanks to her Street storyline involving Alan Bradley. Her other credits include Comedy Playhouse and A Family At War.

Up until 1977, she was credited on Coronation Street as Barbara Mullaney, which was her first married name.

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