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Barbara Knox MBE
(born Barbara Brothwood, 30th September, 1933 in Oldham) is a British actress best known for her role on Coronation Street as singer-turned-newsagent Rita Tanner. Her Street debut was a solitary appearance on 2nd December 1964, and then she didn't appear again until 31st January 1972, after which Rita was made a full-time character, a role Barbara still plays to this day.

Barbara first worked as a Post Office telegraphist followed by various jobs in offices, shop and factories before she joined Oldham repertory theatre. She recorded an album in 1973 entitled On the Street Where You Live, and in 1989 she won a TV Times award for Best Actress thanks to her Street storyline involving Alan Bradley. Her other credits include Comedy Playhouse and A Family at War.

Up until Episode 1703 (11th May 1977), she was credited on Coronation Street as Barbara Mullaney, which was her first married name.

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