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Bar 103 was a bar in Manchester.

Ryan Connor visited the bar in October 2012 in order to drink his sorrows away after breaking up with Tracy Barlow. However, he was eventually thrown out by a bouncer after taking drugs and starting a fight with a fellow punter. Sophie Webster witnessed this and insisted on taking Ryan home, although he refused to listen and began playing a game of chicken in the road - leading to Sophie being hit by a car.

Michelle Connor drank at the bar alone in August 2017 in order to avoid her partner Robert Preston. While at the bar, Michelle felt like she was being watched and, upon visiting the toilet, had her drink spiked and awoke several hours later bound and gagged in the boot of what turned out to be her own car. Michelle was rescued by a woman who heard her cries for help and opened the unlocked boot. She was unable to remember anything that had happened that night, or who her attacker was, but she began to suspect that her friend Will Chatterton was the culprit. Michelle's fears were eventually confirmed the following month when she visited the bar with Will's picture and a barmaid named Marnie told her that she had seen him in the bar on the night she was attacked but he had left without buying a drink.

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