The Baldwins were a long-running family who lived on Coronation Street for over thirty years between October 1976 and February 2008. Currently the family is survived by Adam Barlow, who returned to the street in November 2016, and his wife Sarah who he married in March 2020.

Baldwin family 1

Mike, Adam and Susan.

Originally solely represented by businessman Mike Baldwin, the family name became instantly recognisable when he opened Baldwin's Casuals and MVB Motors and began to gain a reputation for himself as a bachelor. One woman Mike courted was florist Maggie Dunlop, who ended the relationship after discovering her pregnancy, and raised his son Mark with her new husband Harry Redman, while another was married Deirdre Barlow - starting a lengthy feud with her husband Ken. Mike and Ken's feud was developed further when he married Ken's daughter Susan, but the relationship ended when she made out that she had aborted his son. Mike went on to have a relationship with both sons, but disowned Mark when he had an affair with his wife Linda and sent Adam away to boarding school after Susan's death.

Baldwin family

The family was expanded in 2004 when Mike's "nephew" Danny Baldwin arrived with his wife Frankie, and sons Jamie and Warren Baldwin. It ultimately turned out that Mike was actually Danny's father and the pair began to forge a relationship.

Family tree

Mary Baldwin
Frankie Baldwin
Barlow family
Harry Baldwin
Viv Baldwin
Maggie Redman
Jackie Ingram
Anne Woodley
Mike Baldwin
Susan Barlow
Alma Halliwell
Linda Sykes
Carol Baldwin
Danny Baldwin
Frankie Baldwin
Mark Redman
Sarah Platt
Adam Barlow
Jamie Baldwin
Warren Baldwin

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