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Baldwin's Casuals was a denim clothing manufacturing company owned by Mike Baldwin and originally based in London. After moving to the Street in October 1976, Baldwin opened the company's northern factory in the refurbished Mark Brittain Warehouse, which had closed the previous year after it burned down.

Mike outside his business

In September 1982, rising costs meant that Mike had to close one of his factories and, with lower costs in Weatherfield, he chose to close the London factory.

In 1988 Mike switched to producing curtains as it was cheaper and he renamed the business "Baldwin's Curtains". The machinists soon grew tired of working for Mike as they were getting lower wages than when they were producing denim clothes. In July 1989 Mike was approached by developer Maurice Jones, who had already purchased the Community Centre and the land behind the factory. Maurice bought the factory from Mike for £293,000, more than twice its value. The factory closed and a few days later it was demolished to make way for the new development.



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