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Arthur Walker was the brother of Rovers landlord Jack Walker. Arthur also ran a Newton & Ridley-owned pub in Hayfield and was sometimes asked by the brewery to manage the Rovers when Jack and wife Annie were away.

One such occasion occurred in June 1965, when the Walkers went on a trip to the Speedwell Cavern. As usual, Arthur arrived late, almost causing Jack and Annie to miss the coach. In typical fashion he made light of his tardiness, infuriating Annie.

Later that year, Arthur looked after the Rovers while Jack and Annie attended David and Irma Barlow's impromptu wedding reception. Although they were not away long, Arthur still took the opportunity to leave the pub while it was quiet so he could place a bet at the bookies. He left it in the hands of the Walkers' 16-year-old ward Lucille Hewitt, who served customer Frank Turner despite being underage. Turner later found out Lucille's age and blackmailed Jack.

In 1966, Jack and Arthur conspired together to have Jack sent by the brewery to look after Arthur's pub for two weeks. Jack wanted to teach Annie a lesson as she had all but abandoned her bar duties in favour of electioneering when she was standing for the council. Jack's absence would force Annie into assuming her role behind the bar and save Jack from being subjected to Annie constantly talking about her campaign in the run-up to the election.

Arthur last worked as relief manager at the Rovers in November 1969 while the Walkers were on a coach trip with the neighbours to the Lake District. His tenure lasted longer than anticipated at the coach crashed into a tree at high speed, hospitalising most of the Street's residents. On hearing about the crash from Dot Greenhalgh, Arthur tried to find out more information about the incident by telephone, ironically preventing anyone from being able to contact the pub. He remained there until the Walkers were discharged from hospital and returned home.

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