Arthur Forsyth-Jones was a close friend of Rovers landlady Annie Walker's. A white-haired, well-spoken man, Arthur met Annie while she was on holiday in Babbacombe and they were instantly taken with each other; upon her return to Weatherfield, Annie constantly referred to Arthur, annoying her husband Jack.

The couple kept in contact and in June 1963 Arthur wrote to Annie to tell her he was coming to visit her, while Jack was on a fishing holiday in Scotland. Arthur enjoyed the pub atmosphere and helped out behind the bar. He and Annie were only friends but Jack was jealous of their relationship anyway and upon hearing about Arthur's presence in the Rovers, came down from Scotland to see the man for himself. Annie went to the theatre with Arthur to make Jack jealous.

On Christmas Day of that year, Arthur recorded a message for Annie which was played at a This Is Your Life event in the Glad Tidings Mission Hall, where Annie's friends and neighbours gathered to pay tribute to the landlady and her life. The message contained Arthur's congratulations and best wishes.

Following his stint as Forsyth-Jones in June 1963, Ian Colin reprised the role in a voice-only appearance in Episode 317. A still image of Forsyth-Jones and Annie Walker together appears in that episode to illustrate the character.

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