Archie Wardle was an ex-RAF man who celebrated the end of the Second World War in Europe in 1945 with a pub crawl in Weatherfield. Fifty years later to the day, they recreated it and ended up at the Rovers Return, where Billy was reunited with his old love Betty Turpin, who he'd met on VE night. In his reminisces about the war with Billy, Percy Sugden and Emily Bishop, Archie spoke of his relief when the Americans bombed Japan as he and Billy were posted to the far East and Japan's surrender marked their return home, alive.

Archie returned to the Rovers five months later when Billy and Betty were organising their wedding, at which Archie was to be best man. After a few drinks, Archie flirted with Raquel Wolstenhulme and made appreciative comments about Bet Gilroy, causing Billy to joke that he was going to put bromide in his beer, although Archie claimed it would have no effect on him.

Archie went along to Billy's stag night at the British Legion before performing his best man duties at the wedding the following day.

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