The Aquarius was a modern disco-pub opened by Newton & Ridley in November 1971 within the same building as the more sedate Robin Hood pub and both were managed by Kitty Stonely.

With its trendy interior, DJ and on-stage go-go dancers, it made a chalk-and-cheese contrast to the quieter dining room area of the Robin Hood.

From its opening, and for several months thereafter, Lucille Hewitt and her friend Lorraine Binks were two of the three go-go dancers. The brewery insisted that their other landlords spend one night at the Aquarius to see the "future" of the pub trade. Nellie Harvey was one who attended and she delighted in reporting to Lucille's former guardian Annie Walker just what the young girl was up to in the evenings.

The Aquarius appeared in Episode 1132 (22nd November 1971) and Episode 1133 (24th November 1971).
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