Annie and Betty recount previous Christmases in the Street

Annie and Betty's Coronation Street Memories was a Christmas-themed Coronation Street clip show transmitted on Monday 22nd December 1975. The special was shown in the programme's regular slot and therefore Episode 1559 (24th December 1975) was the only episode shown that week.

In a similar vein to 1968's Christmas in the Street, the special features archive clips of previous (mostly) Christmas editions of the programme. Doris Speed and Betty Driver appear in linking scenes set entirely in the Rovers Return Inn, playing their usual characters Annie Walker and Betty Turpin.

The clips featured in the special (in order) are:

The special carried the programme's usual title sequence, and was produced by Susi Hush. H.V. Kershaw compiled the clips and wrote the linking material. No director was credited on screen although TV Times stated that the programme was directed by "M. Preece" however the authoritative Kaleidoscope British Christmas Television Guide states that the director was Derek Lister.


A few days before Christmas, Annie is sending out cards to friends and relatives for the festive occasion, but a problem has arisen - she has forgotten her cousin Grace's address. Finding Annie searching a box of old Christmas cards in the Rovers, Betty aids her. Each card, and its sender, triggers a discussion of Christmases past, with Annie displaying a sharp memory of the past fifteen years - although some events, such as an altercation between herself and Nellie Harvey, she would rather forget. Eventually, Betty locates a card from cousin Grace, however Annie has previously cut off the address. Annie decides to end her quest and, putting the lid on the box, suggests to Betty that they have their elevenses instead.


(Other than Doris Speed and Betty Driver, all are seen in archive clips only)


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